Introducing the Juxt Data Workbench

Juxt is an interactive data workbench in the cloud that enables business users to build sophisticated data applications without writing any code. Similar to how you would describe a process on a whiteboard, i.e., identifying the steps needed and sequencing them into a complete end-to-end flow, Juxt lets you build data apps. For example – send promo email offers to a target set of customer profiles based on past behavior, forecast product demand based on seasonal trends.

Juxt - an Interactive Data Workbench
Juxt – an Interactive Data Workbench

In Juxt, you can create apps by dragging functional blocks from our component library onto a design canvas, wire them together and press the “Run” button. Our built-in component library includes connector blocks for various data sources & types, components for data munging, augmentation & aggregation, statistical & predictive machine learning algorithms, and web API’s to popular online services.

Explore, Integrate and Operationalize Data
Explore, Integrate and Operationalize Data

You can also build your own functional blocks using Juxt’s built-in library components or wrap existing R, Python, Javascript & Clojure code assets. This is huge, because all the interesting work you’ve already done can start being applied across your company right away. Every block that you create becomes usable in all your projects and across your entire organization. Wheel reinvention problem … solved!

Once you’re done creating your cool data app, publish it and show your peers & users what a rockstar you are!!

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